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About Ulgener LC/LO Legal Consultants / Law Office

Founded in 2000, at the Shipping Centre located at the Asian Part of Istanbul, Ulgener LC/LO started to provide its legal services to two segments of the market;

  • domestically to Turkish Shipowners, acting as consultants, (which explains the “LC” in our name)
  • internationally to P&I Clubs, acting as lawyers (which explains the “LO” in our name)
Since then Ulgener LC/LO growed significantly to a much larger scale,
  • acting as consultants (and also lawyers) to Turkish shipping giants, Turkish Chamber of Shipping, The Shipowners Association of Turkey, Turkish conglomerate Koc Group, various Steel manufacturers, national and multinational logistics companies, local insurance companies, both on H&M and cargo side, also the Ministry of Shipping, Transport and Communication
  • acting as lawyers (and also consultants) to all of the P&I Clubs within the International Group (also as listed legal correspondents) and also working closely with the H&M underwriters and cargo underwriters on an international scale, as well as in close relations with the international law firms which have a leading role in maritime and insurance law.

Moreover, years in the shipping market made us also experts

  • in legal matters for finance – ship sale and purchase, and related areas.
  • Also in ship repair and building both locally and internationally (in far east, Japan, Korea, China and Vietnam) We are presently representing local shipyards in this respect.

Last, but not least, our law firm, through its Prof.Ulgener, supports

Bimco, on the documentary committee, representing Turkey and working on several subcommittee’s